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Our Company


Green World Recycling Ltd is a not for profit organisation registered in UK, which provides original and pre- sorted second hand clothes and shoes in wholesale.

We have warehouses around London, Birmingham and Manchester, from where we operate our clothing banks and provide recycling facilities for tens of thousands of people for free. All of our profit got to support environmental, educational and development projects throughout different African countries and India.

Our aim is to rise free funds for environmental projects ins third world countries. We donate post operating profit to the registered charity DAPP UK. We also donate collected toys and books to local charities.

What We Do


We provide second hand clothes and shoes on wholesale basis to different companies within and outside UK. We work with both small and big companies on regular basis.

As our company is rapidly developing, we are looking for a new customers.

Our product comes from donations in our textile banks. We separate general and visible items such as waste, damaged/wet clothing and shoes etc. We also cooperate with local authorities/councils to recycle and re-use textiles.

Our Service To You


It is very important to us we provide service that you need. With our motivated and dedicated team we work every day very hard to improve our service levels and quality control

As collection from textile banks are done 'by hand;, we can assure you that you won't get items which doesn't belong there, such as wet, dirty and/or broken clothes shoes, brick-a- black and general waste.

As people are asked to donate in sealed bags, we do not open them. If we cannot see or feel obvious item which doesn't belong there it will stay there as per policy -it's called "original" clothing.

We guarantee dentin amount of she's in wholesale, but you have also possibility to buy our pre-sorted she's separately. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out more!

We provide possible the best service for very competitive price.

What You Need To Know

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There are many details to providenecesary service and be satisfied with the result. We are willing to introduce and help you within our possibilities with all necessary information from buying our product until delivering it to your chosen location.

We will provide with all necessary documnetation and certification.

As we are second hand clothing wholesale company, we do not provide transportation from our location to you, therefore you will need to arrange this with a transport company.

We are different from other companies with our engagement  to our clients.

We approach every customer individually as every business is unique and requires different perspectives.


To find out more, please contact us! 

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