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About Us

Green World Recycling Ltd is a not for profit company registered in the UK.

It was established and started its activities during the summer of 1998. 

We are an experienced company with a professional approach to second hand clothes wholesale markets. We are offering a high level of service to all our customers.

We are proud to contribute to divert resources from the landfills by helping the recycling and reusing of goods and helping the environment.

We have warehouses around London, Birmingham and Warrington from where we operate our clothing banks and provide recycling facilities for tens of thousands of people for free. All of our profit goes to support environmental, development and educational projects throughout African nations and India.


We collect used clothes and shoes from clothing banks that are hosted by supermarkets, post offices, news agents, pubs, schools and other recycle minded individuals or organisations. 

We can supply good volumes on monthly basis. Our constantly growing chain of clothing containers, provides a sustainable source of quality unsorted commodities as: second hand clothes, shoes, bags, purses, scarfs, belts, household textile, etc, etc. Our clients percieve us a relyable and loyal supplier. We have outstanding feedback regarding the quality of the clothing we provide.

Our company is under ISO certifications: environmental and management.

We are also Living Wage employer. Taking care of environment and people around us we guarantee to provide the best service for your needs and requirements.

We are taking our promises serious, therefore we are committed to our Code of Conduct. Brief summary you can read by clicking the button below.

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